BCAA & Glutamine Supplements: Support for Recovery & Growth

The synergism between the two (BCAA and Glutamine) arises because not only do they both produce many of the same anabolic and anti-catabolic actions, but under stressful situations BCAA's may directly add to glutamine reserves by acting as donors to glutamine production. A very low dosage combination of BCAA (3 grammes) and glutamine (5 grammes) given during training was found to induce a 2-pound higher growth in muscle mass and greater improvements in strength compared to consuming whey protein alone in athletes.
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  1. BCAA + Glutamine XPress
    -7 %
    BCAA + Glutamine XPress
    From Special Price £17.05 Regular Price £18.30
  2. BCAA Complex, Lemon - 300g
    -15 %
    BCAA Complex, Lemon - 300g
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  3. Premium BCAA
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    Premium BCAA
    From Special Price £25.10 Regular Price £27.61
  4. Premium BCAA, Sunny Orange - 500g
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    Premium BCAA, Sunny Orange - 500g
    Special Price £25.10 Regular Price £27.61
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