EVLution Nutrition Lion's Mane, Powder - 75g

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EVLution Nutrition

Dietary Supplement
    1000MG Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Powder
    Memory and Nerve Support
    Non GMO

Mushroom Brain Booster - Try our mental clarity and memory supplement for brain support and experience a cognitive power boost with sharper focusing ability and a clearer mind for concentration

How it Works - Lion's mane powder is a great choice for a nootropic supplement thanks to its high levels of Hericenones Erinacines and focus vitamins for adults that support cognitive abilities

Big Benefits - Lion’s mane mushrooms are commonly used as non stimulating brain supplements for memory and focus that may help maximize critical thinking and concentration while also easing moods

Uncompromising Quality - Choose EVL and our vegan non-GMO 1000mg mushroom memory powder for brain health and feel the difference natural ingredients can make for promoting concentration and cognition

Join the Evlution - At EVL we are proud to be a leading name in fitness and focus supplements with cutting edge ingredients because we believe in pushing the boundaries of all types of performance
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Servings per container 75
Expiry Date 30 Nov 2025
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