Swanson Zinc Gluconate & L-Lysine - 90 vcaps

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Immune Support
    2-In-1 Formula
    Dietary Supplement
    Supports a Healthy Response to Daily Stress
    Potent Immune Support Combo Reinforces Your Body's Defenses
    Promotes Collagen Synthesis and Overall Skin Health
    Science-Backed Quality Since 1969

Swanson Zinc Gluconate & L-Lysine combines the immune-supporting power of zinc with the amino acid L-lysine in a single veggie capsule serving for a more convenient way to benefit from these powerful health allies.

This formula delivers 15 mg of zinc from zinc gluconate, a well-absorbed form that is popular in immune-support products. This abundant mineral is needed by the body for healthy immune system function. Zinc also plays a role in healthy skin by fighting free radicals and supporting tissue growth.

In addition to zinc, each serving of Zinc Gluconate & L-Lysine also features 450 mg of L-lysine. Among other functions, this essential amino acid supports the body’s production of collagen, a protein which promotes hydration and elasticity of the skin.

These two nutrients work together to support your immune health by strengthening your defenses both internally and externally. While zinc is used by the body to build and maintain its adaptive and innate immune response, your skin serves as a first line of defense, providing innate immune protection.

But the power of this duo doesn’t end there, as L-lysine helps to reduce feelings of stress and contributes to a more positive outlook. This is important because when the body is not fighting stressors, it has more resources available to promote a robust immune response.

Experience for yourself how zinc and L-lysine can work together to help support your overall wellness and immune health.
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Servings per container 90
Expiry Date 30 Apr 2026
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